EQUITONE [pictura]

  • Smooth and silky finish
  • Anti-graffiti coating protection as standard
  • Available in 20 bold colours
  • Reaction to fire classification A2-s1, d0
  • Life Expectancy of at least 50 years

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EQUITONE [pictura] exterior wall coating incorporates an additional surface treatment on to the fibre cement material. The main characteristic of this treatment is the hard, smooth, silky matt surface.

The UV cured top layer offers good protection against many types of staining and mechanical damage during construction.

Whilst the EQUITONE [pictura] surface is smooth and easily cleanable, it acts as an anti-graffiti coating providing protection against graffiti produced by common aerosol and other paints. Graffiti can be eliminated with common graffiti removers.

Sheet sizes: 2500 x 1250mm | 3100 x 1250mm

Nominal thickness: 8mm/12mm

Nominal weight:8mm - 15.4kg/m² | 12mm - 22.8kg/m²

Density: 1650kg/m²

Bending strength Longitudinal: 26N/mm²

Bending strength Transverse: 17N/mm²

Modulus of elasticity: 15,000N/mm²

Coefficient of linear expansion : 10 x 10-6m /mK

Frost Resistance: Fully frost resistant

Reaction to fire: Class O EN 13501-1 A2-s1, d0

Thermal conductivity: 0.6W/mK


Hygroscopic movement: 2.5mm/m

Environmental Management: 14001

Quality Management: 9001

Health and Safety Management: 18001

LCA study: Tegral fibre cement cladding boards can achieve an A+ rating as defined in the BRE Green Guide to Specification based on generic rating for autoclaved fibre cement single sheet - (Element Ref: 80623042, 806230422, 806230447, 806230450)

Energy: Compressed and air cured

Raw Materials: Cement, fillers, fibres, pigments and additives

Lifespan: Installed life expectancy of at least 50 years

Recyclability:Can be crushed and used in cement manufacture