The Construction Products Regulation and CE Mark

On the 1st of July 2013 the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) came into force. From this date all construction products covered by an EN Standard are required to carry an appropriate CE Mark. In accordance with the regulation, the CE Mark itself should either carry the full performance characteristics, or easily reference where a full Declaration of Performance (DoP) can be obtained.

To ensure full compliance, we have updated all packaging to include either the full or abbreviated CE Mark. The abbreviated mark which will be applied to the majority of our packaging provides basic information and references the location of the DoP's on our website.

For your information an abbreviated CE Mark contains the following:

  • The Declaration of Performance reference
  • The direct web address where the full Declaration of Performance can be found
  • The relevant standard to which the product has been produced
  • What the product is
  • The intended use of these products

The performance documents available to download cover the following:

  • Fibrecement Slates
  • Fibrecement Fittings for Slates
  • Metal Roofing & Cladding

Declarations of Performance

  • Tegral Fibrecement Fittings for Slates
  • Tegral Fibrecement Slates
  • Tegral Metal Roofing & Cladding MFTQ13_01
  • Tegral Purlin & Cladding Rails MFTQ14_02
  • Tegral Load Bearing Composite Steel Flooring Profile MFTQ14_03
  • Tegral Load Bearing Steel Roofing Profile MFTQ14_04
  • Factory Production Control Certificate
  • To download a Declaration of Performance, please click on the appropriate link above. All DoP's provided meet the CPR guidelines and are sufficient to not only demonstrate compliance to the standard, but identify the key performance characteristics.

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