Flat Roof Decking


Tegral metal profiled roof decking is combined with insulation and weather proof membranes to provide superior coverage in commercial, industrial or residential buildings.

Tegral's D46, D60, D100, D159, D135, D150, D165 and D200 profiles are available with web perforations.

Plain galvanised steel is the most economical form of roof decking and its use is primarily functional. Where the underside of roof decking is exposed internally, Tegral can supply pre-painted Tata Steel Colorcoat® White Enamel finish as an economical add-on option.

For special internal conditions the Tegral range may be supplied in Tata Steel Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® pre-finished steel or aluminium material.Designers are now considering the issue of sound absorption more carefully. Tegral's range of perforated deck profiles allow for efficient sound absorption in conjunction with suitable mineral wool insulation.

Tegral roof decking is available in twelve different profiles

  • D19
  • D32
  • D35
  • D46
  • D60
  • D100
  • D150
  • D210
  • D135
  • D150
  • D165
  • D200

Material Options

  • Galvanised steel plain or white enamel soffit
  • Tata Steel Colorcoat® pre-finished steel.
  • Aluminium.