Tegral Building Products Limited has been at the forefront of sustainability in our industry for a very long time. We are committed to reducing the environmental and social impacts of our operations. Demonstrating our commitment to sustainable building, our products are rated “Excellent” under the BES 6001 standard for responsible sourcing.

The company has fostered a strong environmental awareness among its workforce and invests a range of resources into achieving tangible environmental progress through its ongoing environmental improvement programme, as part of the ISO 14001 standard. Tegral is also fully committed to the maintenance of a healthy and safe environment for its employees, for its customers and the local communities in which it operates through its ongoing certification to the OHSAS 18001 safety management system.

Annual audits provide third-party assessment and verification of our efforts to manage our environment and social impacts.

Read our full current Stakeholder Report here.

As part of the global group, Etex, we are also in line with their environmental policy, of which the main objectives to help reduce its impact on the environment are:

  • to minimise the use of raw materials
  • to minimise waste, energy and water use
  • to avoid adverse impact on air, water and soil