Graphite Blue Fibre Cement Slates

Smooth surface finish with a clean square edge

  • Cost effective
  • Distinctive Blue Grey colour
  • Lightweight
  • Rated “Excellent” to BES 6001 = environmentally sustainable
  • Pre-holed
  • Three point fixing system
  • 10 year colour guarantee
  • 30 year structural guarantee

Graphite Blue are part of our low cost slate product range. They are 600mm x 300mm and are rectangular in shape. They come with a 10-year colour and 30-year structural guarantee.

Graphite Blue slates come in a distinctive Blue Grey colour with a smooth surface finish with a clean square edge.

Size of Slate: 600mm x 300mm

Minimum pitch: 25° (110mm head lap)

Maximum pitch: 90°

Typical laps: 100mm, 110mm

Batten gauge: 245-250mm

Slate thickness: 4mm

Covering capacity (net): 13.4 slates/m² (100mm lap) / 13.6 slates/m² (110mm lap)

Weight of slating (approx.): 20.4kg/m² (0.20 kN/m²) (at 100mm lap) / 20.9kg/m² (0.20 kN/m²) (at 110mm lap)

Battens required (net): 4.00 (net lin. m/m²) (at 100mm lap)

Batten size recommended (fixed to ICP2): 50 x 25mm for rafters/supports not exceeding 400mm centres

Fixings: Slate nails (30 x 2.65mm)

Copper disc rivets: (19mm dia. X 2mm stem) / Slate nails (30 x 2.65mm)

Copper disc rivets: (19mm dia. X 2mm stem)

Authority: EN 492 EN 492

Tegral Graphite Blue slates are manufactured to EN492, Type NT, 4.0mm thick Fibre Cement Slates. Graphite Blue slates have a smooth surface with square edges and are offered with a 10 year manufacturer’s colour guarantee due to the unique painting process and a 30 year structural guarantee.

Tegral Building Products is independently certified as meeting requirements of ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environment), OHSAS 18001 (safety) and BES 6001 (responsible sourcing).

Green Rating Guide: A+ (Element ref: 812410008)

BES 6001: "Excellent" rating

EPD available for fibre cement slates