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Tegral Built-Up Firewall Systems

The most important issue in relation to fire performance when specifying metal faced roofing and cladding for commercial and industrial buildings is that the materials specified should relate to the fire risk associated with the building. In a landmark case in the UK High Court in March 2003, an insurance company succeeded in winning the first liability judgement against negligent architects who inappropriately specified the use of insulated panels with combustible polystyrene core insulation. Now, more than ever the manner in which elements of building construction perform in the event of a fire is of prime concern to the designer, the occupant, the building owner and the building insurance company.

Essentially, the issue concerns the fire performance of the individual metal system's insulation core. The new European method of classification of fire performance EN 1350-1, categorises building materials into classes based upon their time to flashover, from A1 to F. In the case of mineral wool and glasswool, these insulation materials achieve Euroclass A1, the lowest possible fire-risk classification.

Built-Up Roofing & Cladding

The combination of Class 0 profiled metal external cladding and Internal lining sheets together with the use of non-combustible glass or mineral wool insulation have been tested to BS 476: Part 22 for fire resistance. Independently certified by Warrington Fire Research Centre Ltd, Tegral Twin-Skin Firewalls meet the requirements for integrity and insulation to suit and variety of system applications.

Trinsul Site Assembled Built-Up System

Using high density rock fibre insulation this system offers excellent fire performance characteristics. Thus in addition to the general attributes described above for

Twin-Skin systems, the Trinsul system has been tested and assessed to BS476 Part 22 to provide 60

minutes insulation and 4 hours integrity - making it suitable for

many boundary and partition applications. Please contact Tegral Technical Services for further information on Trinsul.

Other Tegral Systems - Fire Protection using Tegral Insulated Composite Panels:

Tegral Enviropanel® Mineral wool core composite panel

The use of mineral wool as an insulating core for a composite panel confers upon it exceptional fire properties. The use of non combustible materials makes these panels generally acceptable to insurers. However The Tegral Tegral Enviropanel® system also been successfully tested to LPS1181 (Loss Prevention Certificate Board LPCB Certificate No. 460 A Issue 5). The Tegral Enviropanel® system has also been successfully tested to BS476 Part 22 for fire resistance and provides 60 minutes insulation and integrity.

Tegral Trisomet and Trimapanel PIR insulated Panels

Tegral insulated Trisomet and Trimapanel PIR core insulated panels offer Loss Prevention Certificate Board (LPCB) approval under certificate numbers 460a/12 (Trisomet Vertical or Horizontal 60mm/80mm/100mm), and 460a/13 (Trimapanel 70mm & 90mm).Euroclass A1 - The lowest possible fire-risk Classifaction

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