ConDri® Condensation Control

Condri anti-condensation film is an industrial non-woven textile product that is applied to the underside of the roofing sheet. Condri provides up to 1 Litre/m² absorption capacity which is the best available on the Irish market.

  • Supplied Ready-to-Fit Tegral ConDri® is supplied with an anti-capillary cutback on edges to be lapped which eliminates the need for on-site resin application and reduces labour costs by up to 50%
  • Animals health in indoor envirnoment - reduced veterinary costs (it is not recommended for bovine housing or animal housing that resquires powerhosing)
  • Reduces condensation, thus benefiting:
  • Grain store/potato/bulb storage/plant rooms - reduced spoilage
  • Workshop/garages/canopies - better working enviroment - health benefits
  • Warehousing/equipment - reduced spoilage of goods stored
  • Riding Schools/indoor arenas - drier and more appealing internal surface areas
  •  Acoustic properties: absorbs noise from interior and exterior (rain noise)
  •  Grant Approved by Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine
  • Does not support fungus growth
  • Fire performance: tested in accordance with clauses 11.7.3, 11.9.2 and 11.10.1 of the EN 13501-1 standard it achieves an A2 – s1, d0 classification
  • Easy maintenance: can be brushed with soft bristle brush

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