CPD - The Principles & Design of Fibre Cement Rainscreen Cladding

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new rainscreen cladding focused CPD, “The Principles & Design of Fibre Cement Rainscreen Cladding”

This CPD has been developed to help any level architect gain the essential knowledge to design, specify and inspect fibre cement rainscreen cladding. An architect will gain an overview on how to choose the correct materials and systems, including fixing methods; understand basic detailing; become aware of potential problems and how to avoid them and ultimately be in a position to achieve a successful rainscreen cladding system.

This CPD will cover the following topics: 

• Understanding rainscreen principles
• Design
• Specifying
• Choosing materials and material options
• Carrier systems and fixing methods
• Detailing
• Relevant Standards, including fire classifications
• What makes a successful rainscreen cladding system 
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